What Exactly Does A Business Analyst Do?

The job of a business analyst is one of growing importance in today\’s complicated international businesses that have increased their scope of activity into foreign countries and have invested huge amounts of money to acquire advanced information technology hardware and software which they will now use productively in the performance of their projects. These businesses are sometimes so overwhelmed that they resort to outsourcing project management duties offshore. nnA business analysts is needed to be oversee projects and see whether their goals are achievable. Part of the duties of a business analyst is to review the processes employed by a business and to interview its managers and employees to ensure that they are making full use of their potential. nnThe business analyst is also the person who will know how to solve problems encountered in the course of implementing the projects mentioned above. Although most businesses have an IT department, it apparently cannot function smoothly without input from the business analyst. nnThere is often an uncertainty on where a business analyst\’s job ends and that of the IT personnel begins, ditto for Project Managers and financial department heads. Business analysts are a must for small home business owners and big corporations alike. Larger companies will usually have an in-house business analyst or two and those that do not will hire a business analyst consultant.nnArticles explaining a business analyst\’s job and the various specializations of this profession, there are dozens, no hundreds. While there is plenty of information available regarding the daily interaction between a business analyst and people in others roles, there are even more articles detailing the specific job description of the business analyst. I must admit that I have tried to understand exactly what business analysts do for a living, but I have failed miserably. nnI assume that a business analyst is a business consultant with advanced IT qualifications and financial and business management training. To successfully perform his or her duties a business analyst must also have well-developed communication and conversation skills and be able to speak the different languages spoken by the personnel and directors of the separate departments of a same firm or company. It is a fact that business analysts are considered responsible for a failure in the business way outs they present. My reaction is simply that I\’m relieved that I\’m not a business analyst.

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